The Way Of Tea


Surrounded by the forest

The fall foliage ablaze with colour

 Jewelled Dragons fly

Their lavender wings gleaming as the sunlight reflects upon them

Cattails sway along the creekbed

And the wind carries the chanting of Monks from an ancient time long gone

The odour of birchbark permeates the air

Your forest den simple and rustic

With deliberation you pour the contents of the water jar over the matcha

Imparting the earthy aroma of the tea

Gently you whisk the green powder into froth

The action of your bamboo whisk scraping the sides of the steel bowl fills the forest with the music of chimes

Leaves rustle around you

And the wind carries the chanting of Monks from an ancient time long gone

You have become harmonious with nature

You feel the energy

As you release your inner self

Time has imparted a mellow beauty upon you

Embrace yourself

Cherish yourself

As your sunken hearth season is just beginning


You are free

Free to discover new paths

With alert mind and calm body

Your tea ceremony complete

And the wind carries the chanting of Monks from an ancient time long gone

Written by,

Heather Barkhouse

I am grateful for my afternoon cup of tea


About moosewalker

Recently I have learned to accept myself imperfections and all. I have always defined myself through others because I was afraid. Afraid to let people see the real me, afraid they may not like me, afraid they may break my heart. Standing here today I’ve been through all of that and I’m OK. I have found my voice through my writing and although I am a work in progress I finally feel free. Expressing myself and being honest with myself has allowed me to emerge from my shell. I haven’t completely discarded it for it’s been my hiding place all of my life. I’ve just redecorated! My greatest joy comes from having my words delight, inspire and move you. Please put your comments I love reading them. “Standing on the rock arms outstretched I can touch heaven and earth “ Love Always, Heather
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