Pen in hand

Stirring a cauldron

Old emotions rising to the top

Bubbling, frothing, steaming

Putrid concoction that is me

I had hidden these emotions away

And now hate, fear, doubt

All rising to the top

And feeling each one again has depressed me

I gave them power

Allowing them to steal my confidence

Seething they will consume me

I must cleanse the wounds they have left me

Bathing myself in the purity of the cool water that remains


For this cauldron contains the hopes and dreams of a child

The confidence and beauty of a young women

The maturity and wisdom of a wife

I shall immerse myself in kindness, love and faith

My iridescent soul singing salvation

Able to see the world with my heart

Written by,

Heather Barkhouse


About moosewalker

Recently I have learned to accept myself imperfections and all. I have always defined myself through others because I was afraid. Afraid to let people see the real me, afraid they may not like me, afraid they may break my heart. Standing here today I’ve been through all of that and I’m OK. I have found my voice through my writing and although I am a work in progress I finally feel free. Expressing myself and being honest with myself has allowed me to emerge from my shell. I haven’t completely discarded it for it’s been my hiding place all of my life. I’ve just redecorated! My greatest joy comes from having my words delight, inspire and move you. Please put your comments I love reading them. “Standing on the rock arms outstretched I can touch heaven and earth “ Love Always, Heather
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