Stone Angel

A Custodian clears the walkway the storm has passed and the snow has settled inviting his shovel to make a path

His body slightly bent his brow sweaty

Determination in each thrust he knows he has a job to do

Here you stand just as weathered

Tall and straight

The greyness of the day leaves you looking cold

Your porcelain skin lined and cracked

The elements have not been kind

The branches from the giant oak behind you reach out like arms holding a comb scraping and tugging and now your hair looks thin as the lines of definition have faded

The trees from your youth have matured

Against this backdrop you seem to withdraw

The old custodian sits on the bench beneath you to rest

As the sun peeks out from the clouds and momentarily settles upon you

He gazes up at you

Now seeing a smile that has never lost its character

A tint of rose in your cheeks

And the way your hair gently falls into your eyes

You remind him of her

He visits you more since he lost her

His memories so powerful as if she were still here sitting beside him laughing, enjoying his company as she always said she did

Observing you he finds you even more breathtaking as time has imparted qualities upon you that only time can

He has shared everything with you

Bared his soul

He knows you will keep his secrets

His grief some days so overwhelming

Today your presence comforts him

Today my Stone Angel you bring warmth to a park bench for a lonely old man

Written by,

Heather Barkhouse



About moosewalker

Recently I have learned to accept myself imperfections and all. I have always defined myself through others because I was afraid. Afraid to let people see the real me, afraid they may not like me, afraid they may break my heart. Standing here today I’ve been through all of that and I’m OK. I have found my voice through my writing and although I am a work in progress I finally feel free. Expressing myself and being honest with myself has allowed me to emerge from my shell. I haven’t completely discarded it for it’s been my hiding place all of my life. I’ve just redecorated! My greatest joy comes from having my words delight, inspire and move you. Please put your comments I love reading them. “Standing on the rock arms outstretched I can touch heaven and earth “ Love Always, Heather
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